Bootflat UI Kit (Version 2.0.4)

Bootflat UI Kit is PSD User Interface Pack including a set of beautiful and pure components, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS/Android Apps.

Download Bootflat UI KIT PSD    
Bootflat UI is a set of beautiful components featuring the flat design trend.


We love the new graphic design trend, and Bootflat UI Kit is a kind of style. Simple, rich and colorful and graphic design of components of the UI almost any project is perfect, from the complex Web applications and small start-up project website, and follow the Bootflat Frame update.

Save your time

Don't waste your time on the composition of the same. Use your time to develop new ideas and projects.

Elaborate design

All the components are independent, easy to be integrated into the design and layout of any project.

Components fit together

All components to use the same style. You can easily apply them in the design projects of various.

Fast prototyping

You will be able to quickly develop high-quality prototypes in full-color. Your clients will appreciate prototypes with beautiful components.


You will find Buttons, Text edits, Menus, Sliders and more, Beautiful Complex Blocks and many other useful web elements.

Bootflat UI Kit

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I hope you will enjoy this new product, and if you use it, do not forget to share your projects with us. I love to see all the great things you are working on!